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Whenever a Veteran is going through a challenging time or when things are spiraling down, they often need help from anyone who is willing to listen.  These videos were made as a reminder that there is HOPE and there are good people who are willing to help.


To save a Veteran on the downward spiral, it takes someone with courage.  It's to remind the Veteran of their inner divine light, even though they may feel as they're in complete darkness and have lost all hope.  

you are not forgotten

Silence is sometimes appropriate to understand the moment.

Where words cannot reach, music will.

you are not alone

There are good people who are will to help a Veteran.  Many a Veteran and their families may have and still may be going through a rough time.  But there are good people who are willing to listen, help and uplift.  


The beginning steps to healing your mind, body and soul starts with your breath.  It is an understanding of how you're breathing dictates your ability to think and understand what your body can do.  From there, the Veteran can start the journey into the thoughts and then physical body.

the final journey home

Stand by me one last time.  Conducting the service called "We Honor Veterans" for Veterans in hospice and breathing their final breath.  The final poem "The Eagle Soars Above."

new treatment services

Resources to assist Veterans who may be suffering from PTSD or TBI.  Utilization of Light, Sound and Vibrational therapies, Harmonic Egg treatment in an enclosed chamber.

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