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We are fortunate and blessed that several organizations are collaborating with us to help Veterans in all stages of need.  Whether it is physical therapy or mindfulness, the following companies have stepped forward to assist.

Reality Center Thumbnail.png


The Reality Center team has taken tremendous strides to assist Veterans with Light, Sound and Vibration treatment and therapy for PTSD.  They offer additional services that are a part of their state of the art sensory wellness center.


veterans affairs

The VA assists Veterans with Health, Benefits, Burials, Education, Volunteer and many other life planning and Public Health and Family initiatives.

Pathways Home Health and Hospice.png

pathways health & hospice

The services provided by Pathways for Veterans covers a range of care in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Included is palliative and hospice care.  Pathways is accredited with a four-star rating for the We Honor Veterans national program.


Veterans service office

Train & educate CVSOs and veterans advocates in preparation, submission and representation of claims with Department of Veteran Affairs. Also to advocate on behalf of veterans and eligible family members to receive the benefits in which they are rightfully earne


The team at Caring has done a tremendous job at providing explanations of the various VA benefits that are available to Military Veterans. Their services cover the following:

Vet Center.png

vet center

Vet Centers are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of social and psychological services, including professional counseling to eligible Veterans, service members, including National Guard and Reserve components, and their families

Veterans Yoga Project.png

veterans yoga project

Move Mindfully and show your resilience is one of many themes at the Veterans Yoga Project.    They represent the building of communities of mindful resilience and recovery by practice and sharing.  It starts with awareness, acceptance and action in the form of meditation and yoga.

American Legion logo.png

american legion

To enhance the well-being of America's veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by our devotion to mutual helpfulness. The American Legion's vision statement is "The American Legion: Veterans Strengthening America."

LIghtPathways Wellness Center.png

light pathways

The Resonance Chamber otherwise known as an "Harmonic Egg" is utilized at the Light Pathways facilities to ensure the appropriate treatment is applied.  They have numerous other Energy Genesis services that include Light, Sound, Frequency and Vibration.

VFW logo.png

veterans of foreign wars

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces.

VA Claims Insider.jpg

VA Claims insider

Assistance for your VA Claim can be found on this site.  They provide free resources that range from claims to the best charities.  They have approximately 75 links to services across our nation.

DAV logo.png

disabled american veterans

We are dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them.

Intelligent Veterans Education Services.png

Intelligent education guide

The team at have created an online tool that compares school options for Veterans.  They provide information on GI Bill benefits and eligibility criteria.  They also break down the opportunities for staring a new career.

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