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Thank you for visiting Veterans Courage.  I'm Sher Ranjit Singh Dosanjh. Family & friends call me Sunny or my military nickname "Dos" and have embarked on a journey to help Military Veterans.  Multiple Veteran organizations assisted me when I hit hard times and this is my attempt to pay it forward.  

Founder, Sher Ranjit Singh Dosanjh "Sunny" or "Dos"

Sunny "Dos" Dosnjh

Pathways We Honor Veterans & Honor Guard

A Mothers Love - Gold Star Mothers & Family Speech 2021

Gold Star Mothers.jpg

Military and Veteran Service with Sikh Channel 

Santa Clara Weekly Article on PTSD

Sunny"Dos" Dosanjh Silicon Valley Voice

A frank conversation about PTSD.  

Sunny "Dos" Dosanjh PTSD

Silicon Valley Voice American Flag Article

Flag Ceremony Image.png

The Veteran Warrior Poet

Last Breath of the Tiger Thumbnail.png

Contact Information

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