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Throughout the services that we have been blessed to provide to Veterans and their families, a theme started to emerge.  At first it appeared as though they were the same "lines" that each Veteran spoke of i.e., something changed them during their service.   At first, we couldn't quite grasp an understanding of what was being communicated, but over the course of time...a pattern emerged that we summarized as the "A Warriors Approach."

A warriors approach






Throughout history, faith-based spiritual leaders have guided men and women to follow a code of conduct espousing their beliefs according to the religion that they follow.  We at Veterans Courage recognize that there may exist many paths to understand the morals, values, ethics and virtues that are innate to each individual, regardless of race, creed, color, or sex.  

It is from the perspective of inter-faith or multi-denominational observances that we have arrived at our current understanding of life.  Although we can recognize our differences and uniqueness, it is those qualities that we have in common that unites as human beings.  It is the Spiritual Warrior who is able to recognize the union of the Temporal and Spiritual planes of existence and conduct themselves in a manner befitting their discipline and self-mastery.



The course of human development which utilizes symbols, signs, words, and languages has led to an expansive vocabulary  in describing thought.  Throughout the centuries, individuals, cultures and societies have woven a tapestry of knowledge into a framework of patterns identified as "Philosophy."  

Eastern and Western philosophies may differ in certain aspects and how they approach the nature of life, however, they both cross paths as they crisscross in their understanding, use of definitions and arrive at possible conclusions.  A purely Philosophic Warrior starts with the mind and thought control, however, the next step is to discipline the body in order to become a Spiritual Warrior.



The disciplines of science are numerous and their applicability to everyday life is self-evident.  From a Veterans or Warriors approach, the inclusion of the scientific method is related to how it is used as tools for defense or weapons for offense.  Shield & sword or guns & armor are examples of how science has led to the invention of capabilities as forces for bad or good. 

Whether it stems from the evolution of mathematics, observances of the "heavens" or astronomy or dedication to the "trial and error" approach, the Warriors approach encompasses them all.  The ability of the Warrior to harness the energies of science with self-discipline, according to their philosophy and spiritual calling is the differentiator of those who harm versus those who help.



Mysticism is a belief or experience that goes beyond normal human understanding, often relating to a reality that surpasses the physical world. It’s commonly associated with the experience of a mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality, which can be attained through subjective experiences like intuition, insight, ecstasy, or meditation.

For Warriors or Military Veterans, it is another aspect of that "calling" to stand up when others cannot.  Embodying the virtues of courage, honor and righteousness.  It's not written, it's not's understood.

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