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We celebrate, we remember, we reflect and we smile when a few Veterans and their family & friends gather together and allow the passage of time to ignite a flame, proceed to burn leisurely and eventually fade away...


It was that first whisper.  I do not recall when.  But it was on active-duty in the US Military.  

Yes, we were young GI's.  The world was very big.  Just trying to survive.

Now, the Universe is very small.  It's all in my imagination.  Now whispering smoke has a name...

First introduction

West coast cigars

If you happen to find yourself in unfamiliar territory and are wondering how you got here...don't worry, select a stick, relax and stay a while.  The good folks at West Coast Cigars will assist you with selecting a cigar that is inline with your day.  One of my favorite spots in the humidor is where Kyle (US Military Veteran and co-owner) has placed Veterans stogies.  If life brings you to the Bay Area...San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose, then this is a spot that Ernest Hemingway would be proud of.  

1650 Almaden Road, San Jose, CA 95125



Sunday 10am - 10pm

Monday 10am - 10pm

Tuesday 10am - 10pm

Wednesday 10am - 10pm

Thursday 10am - 10pm

Friday 10am - Midnight

Saturday 10am - Midnight


Sunny Dosanjh Trophy.jpg
Sunny Dosanjh Cigar Lounge.jpg

The audacity of my case...not thinking.

What do I know about Cigars or Candles...Nothing!

Except I know what is inline with the moment.

Thank you ...  was meant to be said.

Silence or something else was muttered out loud.

Now the muttering has stopped.

Light has entered

And has to shine.

What do I know about Light?

It is bright.

It is warm.

It is soft.

I am not those things.

So I stare at the candle flame

It dances

It sings its song

I do not understand.

The cigar is lit.

Its smoke also dances and sings.

Wait...the cigars and candle smoke are one.

Now the universal door to the Spirit is open.

A question of unknown origin is being asked...

And the reply is a smile.

Be not like Light.

You Are Light.

Let your Light shine!

When at a loss

And grief is the only face in the mirror

Light a cigar and candle

And let go of grief with each whisper of smoke

​Sunny Smiles.

Veteran Cigar and Candle Image.png

Would you support this initiative?

Box of 10 Cigars with one Candle with Veterans Courage branding.

Percentage of sales will be donated to American Legion initiatives for:

  • Chaplain

  • Honor and Color Guard

  • Service Officer programs

  • We Honor Veterans Hospice

  • PTSD Treatment and Research

If interested, please email with "Yes" 

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